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Seminar with Jarkko Lapinlampi, 4th Dan Aikikai - Dangayan - Harmonising, "Ai"

Mar. 1st, 2008

03:33 pm - Seminar with Jarkko Lapinlampi, 4th Dan Aikikai

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Seminar with Jarkko Lapinlampi 4th Dan Aikikai
Dates: 12 April 2008, 4:30-7:00 PM
Location: Plymouth, England
Venue: University of Plymouth Aikido Club
Address: Pitts Memorial Hall, Gibbon St, Plymouth
Phone: 07960632278
URL: http://dangayan.livejournal.com/10866.html
E-mail: citom@yahoo.com
Notes: Cost: GBP 4, payable at the door. Please bring bokken and jo. Seminar open to all styles and affiliations provided aged 18 years or over. Please show proof of Insurance.
Picture of Jarrko
About the Featured Instructor:
Jarkko Lapinlampi started his Aikido career north Finland, when he joined a local Aikikai aikido club in 1980. In that time Scandinavia's main teacher was Ichimura Sensei.

When Ichimura Sensei moved back to Japan in 1986, a group of  aikidoka including Jarkko started to train under Nishio Sensei.

For that purpose they founded a club in Helsinki in 1988, where he studied and taught until 2004, when he moved to London:

During that time he visited many other teachers' seminars in Finland and Europe, although Nishio Sensei was his main teacher and Nishio Sensei has accepted all his dan grades (aikido 4th dan, aikido-toho iai 4th dan). They organized annually his and/or his Japanese student's seminars in Helsinki.

Jarrko was involved in the Educational committee of Finland Aikikai as a Chairman, and was a memberof the Technical committee as well (to represent Nishio's aikido in Finland)